Piano Repair

A piano is likely to see a lot of use, which also means it will need periodic piano tuning. In some cases, where the keys or pedals are damaged, you might need something a little more extensive, like a complete piano rebuilding. Pianos are large, expensive, and treasured pieces, so you need to handle them with care and expertise. The delicate inside of the piano can be difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, a piano repair technician will be up to the task. At DV Pianoworks, I can perform all kinds of piano services, as well as a piano tuning service to get your piano voicing as good as new. I work with new and used pianos like Baldwin and Steinway Pianos and will get them back to audio perfection. DV Pianoworks offers piano repair to almost all brands of piano and I consistently upgrade my knowledge with every part of new pianos and custom pianos.

You can find a capable registered piano technician by contacting DV Pianoworks in Chicago, IL. We are the premier piano tuners in Chicago.