Piano Tuners

  • Pitch Adjustment/Fine Tuning

    A pitch adjustment requires more time and effort than a regular tuning. If you've gone over a year without piano tuning service, it will more than likely be too flat or sharp to tune it to standard pitch in one session. The purpose of a pitch adjustment is to pull the piano strings' tension levels to the correct pitch before proceeding with a fine tuning. Depending on when your piano was last tuned, piano tuners may need to perform this procedure more than once. Chicago Piano tuners highly recommended to keep your piano in tune at least twice a year to maintain your piano's overall health.
  • Cleaning & Repairs

- Action and interior cleaning
- Pedal adjustment & repair
- Damper repair & replacement
- Hammer repair & replacement
- String repair & replacement
- Caster repair & installation
- Key repair & rebushing
- Keytop repair & replacement
- Action felt replacement
- Action screw tightening
- Tuning pin resetting
- Hammer voicing
- Cabinet knob replacing
- Fallboard hinge repair & readjustment

  • Piano Regulation

    Piano tuners in Chicago recognize that each key has many points of adjustments which need to work together in order to produce the sound you hear when you play just one note. For example, sometimes the pianist may experience too much or too little key travel. Maybe there are a few keys on your piano that feel a bit sluggish in repetition because of a friction problem. Piano regulation is best described as adjustment of action parts. A licensed piano tuner suggests your piano should be regulated as needed to achieve a full strike of every key.